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The Plastic Freebies The greatest Rock Band ever to grace a website
(including this one)
Freebie Facts
May 12th Fact

Even though their first recording session was on May 12th 2006, there was no work done on May 12th during the 2008 creation of "Lunacy"

Tempered Steel Fact

Even though most of the songs recorded for the EP's made it onto "Rocket Child", "Tempered Steel" is the only one with a significant change - the intro was removed.

Ring Fact

The track "Ring" started out life under the working title "David's Leaf" a title inspired by the award-winning American writer/producer/director David Leaf.

Nothin' To Say Fact

The lyrics for "Nothin' To Say" came from the writers inability to think of lyrics and wrote about that moment as he stared out his window in contemplation.
...And there was Rock, and God saw that it was good
In the beginning   was the Word
...and the WORD
Let there be Rock!
Thought to be direct decendants of Peter, the Rock on which Jesus built his Church, The Plastic Freebies are true fishers of souls, armed with their captivating hooks!

It all began with one guitarist and one drummer, beats, rhythm and a need to Rock! May 2006 saw the very first recording sessions of this newly formed band. It was as if the Earth itself erupted and spewed forth a magmatic marvel of music - The Plastic Freebies were born!

An EP of fantastical fancy named after the title track "Tempered Steel"
was the result, and soon followed the second excellent EP "Tonight The Dead Rock!". Rock was on a Roll!
January 2007 - "Rocket Child", the debt album, excelled beyond the Exosphere, only to be followed almost a year and a half later by "Lunacy" the amazing 'time concept album', which involved creating an entire album from scratch in a Lunar Phase (less that 30 days). They wrote it, recorded it and released it in the space of 27 days.

The Plastic Freebies have assisted other recording groups but none more so exclusively as thier good friends 'World of Illusion'.

The band are currently in seclusion, apparently meditating their come back and third album.