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DISCOGRAPHY Recordings of
The Plastic Freebies The greatest Rock Band ever to be burned to polycarbonate
(stamped, even!)
Polycarbonate Plastic Pits
World of Illusion

Cabanaessence - Hold Me, Man of Steel, Goodnight, Innocent, I Guess I Must Love You Too Much & More  

Garden of Earthly Delights - Home Away From Home, Silver, She's Gone, Right Back Baby, Being With You, World At My Feet, Modern Girl, Our Love & More
24 ROCK!
Yeah, 24 Rock!
Rocket Child - TPFCD01
January 6th, 2007

Lunacy - TPFCD02
May 31st, 2008

Tempered Steel - TPFEP01
May , 2006

Tonight The Dead Rock! - TPFEP02
August , 2006

The MatLock Players

Butterflies And Tears - A Christmas Moon, My Life, Arboretum, Lonely Town, Matlock fm & More
John McKeever

SMiLE BRiAN... - I..., Flame of Devotion, Until That Night, Woodie, Sunshower, Weird Night & More

Heaven's Closer - The Girl,
Annmarie, Especially You, 45 Miles Up The Road, A Short Life's Journey, Springtime, Heaven's Closer, Beautiful & More
Highly Recommended Albums
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