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The Plastic Freebies The greatest Rock Band ever to be talked about
(or even written)
Scoop Snippets

Aston Martin have sponsored the guys with brand new special commissionDB5's.
Bond, James Bond!

Back Catalogue

The Band are apparently in bidding for control of The Turfmens Back Catalogue.
Sources say it's an unusual move, but there's a logical explanation.

Time Travel

The boys have apparently sunk a great deal of their collective wealth into researching Time Travel based in Trintiy College Dublin.
There was a private function held on August 13th to mark the 46th anniversary of H.G. Wells death.
Himalayan Retreat ?
Scorched sky is flashin'  burnin' days to nights The end has got you
tonight the dead ROCK!
dead to rights because
Ragnarök ‘n’ Roll, every livin’ soul, tonight
The last reports we’ve received are all too sketchy it has been reported that the Freebies are currently enjoying the Monsoon season in and around the Kumaon Hills.

It is thought they are on a retreat to prepare for their third album.
However conflicting reports put the Freebies on retreat in Yuzawadai near Akita Japan.